It’s Fall, It’s Progress!

September 23rd marks the Autumnal Equinox, and SparkleBlob will go into OVERDRIVE for our most ambitious annual projects of the year!

When the clock strikes MIDNIGHT on October 1st, we will be launching GOTHTOBER for our 16th year! Our annual countdown calendar shall display the workings of 31 different artists, each new day revealing a different artist! What’s in there? Your guess is as good as ours! The theme this year is “Casino” and artists may follow the theme, or simply pick something “Halloweeny” for their piece.  At this point in our illustrious Gothtober career, we’ve got over 300 tiny films and projects in our archive. The original architecture for the majority of the calendars has been Flash, which will be officially DEAD in 2020. Thus, one of our plans is to build a comprehensive archive of all these amazing works that have been made for us over the years. 

December Preparation Abounds! Also, in the works, here’s a photo of myself (JP) with Jason Myers, the SparkleBlob Holiday Show Music Supervisor. We’re gearing up for our holiday show, Jason and I are writing a BRAND NEW HOME MADE HOLIDAY TUNE that we can’t WAIT to debut this December! It’s always lots of fun to visit Jason’s studio, it’s got a mess of stringed instruments hung on racks, and his desk and keyboard are covered with odds and ends, making me feel less terrible about all MY papers and odds and ends all over MY desk, lol. We both have messy studios, which, history reports, points to a more creative mindset. We’re making it work for us! This marks our first song-writing collaboration together, I wrote the lyrics, and Jason’s composing the tune, it’s called “Holidays in Your Face” which also might be the title of this year’s holiday puppet show, stay tuned!

~JP SparkleBlob
Executive Director