2019 Gothtober is UP!

Time to visit www.gothtober.com

We’re pleased as pumpkin pie to present our annual collection of weird and wonderful art pieces/films for 2019’s carefully curated selection of Gothtober artists! It’s our 17th calendar, a real thrill in our continuing efforts to “art together” for the Halloween season.

We’ve got artists from Los Angeles (the home and headquarters of Gothtober) as well as Central CA, San Francisco, Portland OR, Germany, and France! Enjoy spooky poetry, witches, ghosts, pumpkins: an entirely brand new set of treats for 2019, each one unveiled daily! 

If you’d like to see the bios of each artist and more information about each art piece, plus Gothtober news, visit the Gothtober Blog! 

Yuri’s Night 2019

SparkleBlob had the privilege of a most wonderful evening doing badge crafts under the wing of Space Shuttle Endeavor at Yuri’s Night 2019. We set up a badge-making station with a curated collection of space graphics ephemeral carefully curated by yours truly! 

We also made centerpieces for the VIP lounge area and had a great time hobnobbing with some of the space ambassadors and luminaries holding court at the pavilion. 

We always love being a part of this World Space Party celebrating space exploration and humanity. We’ve got this lil’ blue ball spinning around the sun, and we should spend MORE time knowing that time here is precious, and invest in togetherness, sharing, and preserving our world for ourselves and generations to come. 

“Circling the Earth in my orbital spaceship I marveled at the beauty of our planet. People of the world, let us safeguard and enhance this beauty — not destroy it!”
— Yuri Gagarin, 1st human in space.

Super Sloppy Chili Cheese Dawgs #8 for LA Marathon

SparkleBlob has completed another wonderful and wacky season handing out super sloppy chili cheese dawgs to marathon runners at the LA Marathon! This was our EIGHTH TIME doing this, and as improbable and strange as it seems, people love it, so we keep doing it. 

This is what you call a “happening” a piece of art that is pure, participatory ridiculousness at its most encouraging. It’s absurd, but fulfills a purpose: It promises people the California they’ve heard about, it confirms the wild weirdness of LA, and it uplifts the hearts of thousands of people running their butts off at an ungodly morning hour. 

Our process begins with waking up before the sun rises and setting up a fully functioning chili cheese dog making factory before 7am when the first runners hit the blacktop. Marathon runners start at Dodger Stadium and make their way 26 miles to the ocean at Santa Monica Pier. 

We’ve got music bumping from our speakers, and we’re ringing cowbells, blowing on vuvuzelas, and the signs are out and we’re cheering on all the runners and tellin’ ’em they’re amazing. It’s truly a wonderful time to connect with a large collection of the populace that decided running 26 miles is fun, lol. It’s really something to see so many determined souls, headed toward their personal best, and it’s really a personal best for the entire city. 

After the runners come the sanitation workers, and we cheer for them as well, it’s a fortifying, rewarding experience to be there for the City of Angels, and I have a feeling that next March, we’ll be in it for Chili Cheese Dawgs #9!!!