Super Sloppy Chili Cheese Dawgs VI: Los Angeles Marathon 2017

In attendence for March 18th, 2017: Alex Kenefick, JP, Vero, Dedman, Nockels, Sebastian, Will, Roz, Emilie, David, Yenni, Parker

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It was our SIXTH time handing out super sloppy chili cheese dawgs on the corner of Temple and Edgeware (Mile 5) during the Los Angeles Marathon! As expected, it was very uplifting and gratifying watching all of our Angelenos reaching their personal best in their racing outfits!

Every single one of these runners had to train, prepare, consider their goals, and get up earlier than the sun to do this run. But not all of them knew they’d be facing the possibility of eating a chili cheese dog, and that’s where we come into the picture. Runners sprinting up over the freeway and hanging a left on Temple had to make a choice they’d never considered.

They had to ask themselves:

Am I going to eat a super sloppy chili cheese dog right now?

Because as said above, the SparkleBlob Chili Cheese Dawg Station isn’t at the end of the route, we’re at the very devious mile 5.

We don’t want you to be prepared for the question, we want you to reckon with your emotional nature, and wrestle with yourself. We want to catch you off guard. We’re a junk food rubicon, merely one in a series of mental trials and initiations that will accompany your physical and mental 26 mile journey. We are there to provide you with a decisive crisis that will transform you in some way… for better or for worse.

You don’t have to be a Republican or a Democrat to eat a chili cheese dawg, you don’t have to be religious, or an agnostic or an atheist, you don’t have to be tall or short or skinny or fat or any specific type of person to eat one of our questionable creations. You just have to pick a very unexpected and strange option that greets you at mile 5. We’re not all born with money, but we’re all born with time, and none of us know how much each of us gets. This existential fact hits home when marathon participants round the corner and see us hollering, cheering and handing out these improbable (but desirable) tasty greasy globs of low nutritional value.

Our chili dogs may give runners those extra carbs and salt that’ll boost them through the next few miles… or our chili dogs might give some that miserable belly bomb feeling, standing in the way of their personal victory, we’re never quite sure. What we do know is that we run out every year, and that even if not all runners EAT a chili dog, they always smile and laugh when they see us.

We laugh together, and we offer each person, each hardworking person working on their aspirations and athleticism, we offer them a chili dog. Because that’s just such a wildly unreasonable thing to do during a sporting event in a town that praises eating right, getting enough sleep, having good skin tone, etc. In our absurdity lives camaraderie, and every runner is fed like family, while supplies last.

Disco’s playing, hotdogs are steaming, the stove is cooking, cowbells are ringing, horns are blaring, we are a nonstop hollering cheering chili cheese machine! They think we’re deranged, getting out there in the morning and making super sloppy chili cheese dawgs, but we know they’re truly the wacky ones, they’re running 26 miles!

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