Science Stickers from CraftNight!

Download your Science Coloring Stickers HERE! 

In honor of The March for Science, and our never ending quest for learning about the world around us, I’ve illustrated SIX fun-filled pro-science printable graphics that you can print and color! GO SCIENCE, GO!

I printed a LOT of them on sticker paper, cut them up into kits and debuted them at Yuri’s Night 2017 at the California Science Center. We also colored them last week at CraftNight. Therefore, it only makes sense to keep sharing them, so here they are for you!

Featuring: Einstein, A Polar Bear, Body Parts, A Dog, A Proton, and Schrödinger’s Cat, you’ll find these stickers will either have you laughing, or asking why people are laughing. Print them out and hand them to friends, or pass them out at the march, or make them into stickers and STICK IT to those who think we don’t need science!

They’re downloadable, sassy, silly, and nerdy! Feel free to bring extra crayons and share them with all ages of people who are fans of science! Color ’em on the train, at a restaurant, waiting for the march to start, anywhere you like!

We need science to cure diseases, find solutions to famine and hunger, prepare for more extreme weather, and secure findings and solutions to a whole host of other incomprehensible concerns. We also need to keep reaching ever outward, since we’ve only learned that our gift for learning is also our gift for messing everything up, as humans go. Currently, the scientific method and the search for truth is being challenged, by those in power who are somehow not convinced by fact-based research. This kind of thinking seems to be motivated by some sort of weirdo nationalist worldwide manifest destiny on multiple fronts, as well as good ol’ greed … I’m not sure, but it’s dangerous for the planet, and for all creatures living on it.

More than ever, it is time to stand up for science.



Women’s History Month Stickers from CraftNight!

SparkleBlob strikes again with our monthly Craftivism, this time in honor of Women’s History Month!

Download your Women’s History Coloring Stickers HERE! 

Featuring images of: The Statue of Liberty, Audre Lorde, Statue of Justice, a Taco, a Beaver and a Clam! We had a fine CraftNight coloring these stickers and sticking them wherever we wanted! A GREAT night! Might I add, we also had playing in the background the first season of the TV Series, Wonder Woman, starring Lynda Carter. She was the highest paid female actor of the 70s.

I illustrated these stickers (print these on adhesive sticker sheets!) in honor of Women’s History Month. And for anyone who is like “WHY?” Here’s why:


Living free from violence is a human right, yet millions of women and girls suffer disproportionately from violence both in peace and in war, at the hands of the state, in the home and community. Across the globe, women are beaten, raped, mutilated, and killed with impunity.

This is from Amnesty International’s Women’s Rights page. Read the rest of it, and get involved here. 

It’s not olden times, it’s happening NOW. It’s not okay. Part of changing how women are viewed and treated today is teaching and showing that women have always been amazing.

It wasn’t the suffragists who created great women. Great women have existed since the beginning of time, doing many of the exact same things as men. But they were denied access to education, voting, owning property, making decisions about their own bodies. Myths were created explaining how emotional, needy, soft, and helpless women were, and those myths are still being created and perpetuated today.

Female leaders, military strategists, doctors, scientists, musicians, artists and writers have always existed, they were just written out of the books.

So it’s time to know our women, from the past to the present. And it’s time to learn from them, because the women of the past can help inspire the girls and women of the future. Women’s History aims to open the books and show that women were powerful, even wicked, and just as responsible in creating society as men: equal.

So you know, jam out with your clam out, women hold up half the sky, and SparkleBlob’s proud to acknowledge this fact.