Yuri’s Night 2019

SparkleBlob had the privilege of a most wonderful evening doing badge crafts under the wing of Space Shuttle Endeavor at Yuri’s Night 2019. We set up a badge-making station with a curated collection of space graphics ephemeral carefully curated by yours truly! 

We also made centerpieces for the VIP lounge area and had a great time hobnobbing with some of the space ambassadors and luminaries holding court at the pavilion. 

We always love being a part of this World Space Party celebrating space exploration and humanity. We’ve got this lil’ blue ball spinning around the sun, and we should spend MORE time knowing that time here is precious, and invest in togetherness, sharing, and preserving our world for ourselves and generations to come. 

“Circling the Earth in my orbital spaceship I marveled at the beauty of our planet. People of the world, let us safeguard and enhance this beauty — not destroy it!”
— Yuri Gagarin, 1st human in space.

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